31 May 2007


Its always fun to be back to your hometown after a while, find somebody there to receive you at the platform and saying these two things in the same order.. "How was the journey, zyada problem to nahi hui?" and quickly comes the second thing.. "What happened to your health? Itne patle kaise ho gaye?" And then you go back to your place, everybody specially your mum scrutinizes you with one long stare and then gives you one hell of a hug..! Truly heart wrentching, isn't it? You almost feel like Shah Rukh Khan when he drops down his chopper and runs towards Jaya Bachchan in K3G...

Anyway so this time when I came back to my place for the summer holidays which are rather long, after these general happenings when I went out to take a stroll in my area- I found so many small shops being replaced by fewer but beautifully designed big retail outlets, most of which are a part of a national chain. Everybody promises to give you the best offer, as if it was a dream of the founder of the company to provide good quality goods to the poor man at the right price. But what are they exactly doing?