22 August 2009

Lauv Story Episode II

The delusions of going to a place where people play with cutting-edge technology and innovate for fun were swiftly cleared, as I spent the better part of my first week sleeping away the boredom garnered at all the tuts and lectures. The only piece of interesting technology I encountered in the classes was the chalk holder, which lets instructors use even the last bit of chalk to copy out derivations mentioned in the text. So why was I still attending the classes?

Week two, day one - my good-hearted, sincere bespectacled neighbour woke me up at 7.30 because he knew that I had a class at 8 (no, I didn't), which I shouldn't be missing because the teacher was very strict.

17 August 2009


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Taken at Panjim on 16.08.2009

16 August 2009

Lauv Story Episode I

I was waiting for the most important tweet of my life. It was part risky and part stupid, nobody I knew had even proposed a girl publicly even on facebook, much less twitter. And before I knew, it was one of the most talked about topic, with people who never knew me not shying away from giving their two cents on #loserproposesontwitter, it wasn't too bad though because as the afternoon came there were a few losers who started supporting me on #guyproposesontwitter.

So how did it all start? One year back.. I came to this college to have four fun filled years. I hardly had a school life after 8th, as I was shipped to Kota to fulfill my father's life long ambition of joining IIT. So he sent me to this crapland for four years and I fulfill his dream, bah.. I walked out of the IIT examination precisely 4 minutes after, having scribbled down my name, application number and other details in neat handwriting. But I had to go to college, and so I wrote BITSAT, got into the Goa campus (although Pilani was open for me, but the idea of spending another four years of my life in the middle of nowhere didn't entice me much).

And so on the moisture laden steps leading the main building of BITS Pilani, Goa Campus, amidst the several centipedes (that seemed to have rained on us), I talk to Anchal. 5'4"-5", darker than wheatish, but sharp features, and omg eyes.. resplendent blue on the clearest white, and yes she had red streaks in her hair (the rebel kind eh?).

10 July 2009

Religion v/s Homosexuality

The decriminalization of IPC 377 (as per the Constitution of India) has met with varying reaction from different quarters of the society. Quite evidently, the most staunch criticism has come from the religious leaders, and while watching this debate "Religion v/s Homosexuality" on IBN, I witnessed a rare occasion where all religious leaders unanimously agreed on something.

However, this has lead me to think just why is religion so against the concept of homosexuality, why are all religions homophobic?

17 March 2009

Poetic Pervasive Perversion

the straight things- people don't remember
the morals and ideals that rot with you
it is the anomalies you discover
the pervert ideas that you brought with you
it is the pervasive perversion inside of you
for which the mankind will be proud of you
save me always from the conversion
my dear poetic pervasive perversion (1)

and if there was perhaps no perversion around you
and everyone took all the sacred rules seriously
the fear that one day saint peter will hound you
they would have followed the commandments dutifully
then we would have been living under the sun in the day
and by the candle in the night, learning to pray
save me always from the conversion
my dear poetic pervasive perversion (2)