27 August 2007

Voila... Even Miss Maya reads my blog!

And I thought nobody took my blog seriously... Only to be read in the papers last week that UP CM ordered the closure of all Reliance Fresh outlets in Lucknow, following agitation by traders' association, and subsequent inquiry into the functioning of the working on retail chains. If you haven't been a regular reader then this please read the first post on this blog: "Prologue" [ http://dump-mart.blogspot.com/2007/05/prologue.html ]

Now tell me, don't you think my blog did bring about an effect!! Lol... okay fine, that was just a break from the usual cribbing...

21 August 2007

Tax on students working abroad...

A parliamentary committee has put forth a recommendation for taxing students from central government institutes like IITs & IIMs who opt to work abroad. What say? I say a great idea...I'd say this resentment of mine (against using nation's resources to produce engineers for developed countries) isn't totally self-cultivated, maybe it is a result of reading some high-voltage articles on brain drain, Swades and even Five Point Someone. As you might know the basic aim for forming the IITs, according to Mr. Nehru, was to produce the most brilliant engineers who'd help develop a newly independent India and let it compete with the developed nations on the technological front.

The IITs sure have produced the most brilliant engineers, but have they really
fulfilled their purpose? These brilliant engineers have invented things, innovated existing technology... but where? Almost all have done these things not in India, but in various American and European companies. Can you recall any major invention done by an IITian that has helped the rural populations, or solved the problem of a common man... Barring a few solar power generators and the likes, have they even developed a simple technology that can be used substantially. Atleast I cannot, and I would love to read about them in the comments section if you do know about them.