25 April 2010

Lauv Story Episode IV

These last few days of my life I had locked myself up in my filthy garbage yard of a room, sleeping amidst clothes which had lost all hopes of being washed, spiders breathing down my face having knitted their web so industriously down the ceiling and a kettle that hadn't been washed in a fortnight but used almost daily for my staple diet of Maggi, masala, aata and tomato curry. Despite all my efforts, I eventually had to abandon this lifestyle in favour of some marks in the coming tests and show my crappy warewolvish hair and beard to the rest of the college.

There were three category of responses I got from the aam junta (who, in the ideal world, would have given no thoughts to my fiasco, would have not gossiped about it with their friends, even from other colleges and so on)-