13 June 2007

Philosophical Mood... #1

Hmm well every once in a while the philosopher within us tries to make its presence felt... and at times like these when I get more time than usual for all the vellapanti the philosopher is even more proactive. And specially when you get to spend time with your school friends after a long time you sure feel the longing to go back to your school days...

But then life moves on at its own constant pace, and its only the relative pace that we feel. If we go too fast, we feel that life's too slow and if we go too slow we feel life's too fast! So well its only too sensible to just let life take you for a ride... and in that ride you may just as well capture some really pretty moments...

1. Like you can order five different varities of paneer at a restaurant by mistake and then try to find a difference in their not so dissimilar tastes!
2. Or you can go to drop your friend to a railway station at 10 in the night wearing just your shorts!
3. Or you can just watch the most stupid movie for 2 hours and then try to prove it isn't too bad for the next 4 hours!
4. Or you can go to a eat-out with five girls just to talk and then sit their half an hour without ordering anything!
5. Or you can just spend hours reliving old school days, the fun, the hotties, the parties and the way your physics teacher talked!


Meenakshi Singh said...

Hi Mohit... Liked your take... the thought about the relativity in pace. Interesting philosophy...

Btw... navigated here from the blogger community on orkut. You write well... the story of the red shoe was very touching. :-)


rishabh said...

or...the best of them all,
you can sleep

The Shmoo said...

loved the paneer point :D
your blog izz rockin!