24 December 2007

Would you like to be born on Earth again??

The other day a thought came to my mind when i was playing with my one year old niece. I was asked to get an appointment with the doctor as per her vaccination schedule. A peek in her vaccination chart showed me some three dozen entries.Most of the diseases that this vaccines were preventing weren't even present when I was a kid. Well nothing wrong in developing new vaccines, but does this not imply that over the years we are also producing so many new diseases that can affect our kids.When our parents were kids there were hardly any vaccination drives, when our time came there were some of them and now the new generation faces a book full of diseases..!!

How did we manage to achieve this... With all the technical advancement and growth did we produce newer varieties of viruses and bacteria along with all the modern goods of luxury? Imagine hundred years into the future there is this intergalactic health magazine which rolls out a report about the best and the worst planets to be born on? With earth they will surely have plenty to write, including a statistic in bold letters (no. of diseases that can affect you if you were conceived on this planet= 1000+, new entries added every few minutes). Or maybe we may not make it that far, with all the technological growth we might just be able to make a certain virus that shall wipe the entire population on this planet (I haven't watched "I Am Legend" ;) ).

Anyway so just imagine if after this life you had an option to be born on not one but many planets... would you like to be born on earth again? You sure will get accustomed to the prick of the hypodermic needles right in your infancy if you choose earth.


Califus said...

tereko koi kaam dhanda nahi hain kya????? kabhi bhi kuch bhi likhte rehta.........jus kiddin

achcha likha baap......ab i am legend dekhne ki zarurat nahi hain....

ankit said...

somebody's been watching too many movies..
there are many things i would like to say about this blog. firstly, good imagination. secondly, no, i would not like to be born on earth again, because i like the thought of living on pluto.(pluto has always attracted me; dont ask me why, some questions should be left unanswered. or maybe i'll answer it in my blog)
many more things to be said on this blog, but i dont wanna ruin it for u mohit, so i'll tell them to u personally.
and yeah, it was well-written.
(coz u just have to end your comments that way)