17 March 2009

Poetic Pervasive Perversion

the straight things- people don't remember
the morals and ideals that rot with you
it is the anomalies you discover
the pervert ideas that you brought with you
it is the pervasive perversion inside of you
for which the mankind will be proud of you
save me always from the conversion
my dear poetic pervasive perversion (1)

and if there was perhaps no perversion around you
and everyone took all the sacred rules seriously
the fear that one day saint peter will hound you
they would have followed the commandments dutifully
then we would have been living under the sun in the day
and by the candle in the night, learning to pray
save me always from the conversion
my dear poetic pervasive perversion (2)


Califus said...

Not bad for a start

I cant believe i am the first one commenting..........u have not publicised it enuf

namrata said...

a wake up call 4 all us earthy materialistic people :D
well the verse is really stupendous and im really surprised to see sucha mature work coming from you............
good going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

namrata said...

i guess i interpreted it quite differently ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
but the classics have d peculiarity of being understood differntly by different people.........thats d catch here.........
gud work!!!!!!

Zenithant said...

very sincere n deep thoguhts.i had to read thrice to understand the deeper waters near the ocean floor:)
neway it s extremely well written.

Prateek said...

i dint understand it :(..
dumass me..
i like the prose better :)..
btw, the direct link to that post is blocked on proxy.. "perversion" :P
anyways, all the best in future poetic endeavors :)

neha abrol said...

gr8 wrk mo..i dint noe u had dis syd too......lol......no seriously its naice nt as trashy as u were insisting it was.........gr8 goin!!!keep it up...awaking ppl n ol....

Nishank said...

nice post....
pervy pervy....eh?
we all come under the same category