25 April 2010

Lauv Story Episode IV

These last few days of my life I had locked myself up in my filthy garbage yard of a room, sleeping amidst clothes which had lost all hopes of being washed, spiders breathing down my face having knitted their web so industriously down the ceiling and a kettle that hadn't been washed in a fortnight but used almost daily for my staple diet of Maggi, masala, aata and tomato curry. Despite all my efforts, I eventually had to abandon this lifestyle in favour of some marks in the coming tests and show my crappy warewolvish hair and beard to the rest of the college.

There were three category of responses I got from the aam junta (who, in the ideal world, would have given no thoughts to my fiasco, would have not gossiped about it with their friends, even from other colleges and so on)-

1. Hey hey look at him, that's the guy who did that. Yeah yeah, he grew beard after that. See how shamelessly he walks to the examination room. [~75%]

2. Take lite, I do not want to look at him and spoil my awesomeness. [~20%]

3. Poor kid, give him a break. [~5%]

And then there was [{1/(~570)}*100]% response which I could not muster enough courage to find out. She, it seemed, had locked herself as bad as I had, and that made it only worse. I was actually hoping that she finds a "Puppy Cool Dude from Nu Delhi" boyfriend and so I could just start calling her a bitch and move on with life.

It was after screwing all my tests one by one, when I was sleeping in the afternoon, dreaming of my dad ridiculing me over my disaster, that someone knocked at my window. It startled me so much, that I fell down the bed before looking up to see her kind face at the window, yes dad, leave me alone, I do not want to see you even in my dreams, let me see her. In that state, sitting on the floor on my knees, my hands resting on my chair and in my dirty white vest and ridiculous red shorts, for a full one minute I stared at her.

"Tell me you weren't having a wet dream and that you can stand up without embarrassing yourself."

It took me a while to come up with this one, maybe because I was still sleepy, maybe because I really really wanted to look at that face.

"Nah, I kind of got immune to such trivial embarrassments. Sad for you though its not quite wet." I said as I stood and opened the window fully, letting her smell (the garbage yard that) my room (was).

She wanted to let out a brief chuckle, but she did not, her face looked sad. Finally she broke the silence and said, "I am moving to CMU next semester, exchange programme."

That must have been the most stupid face that I've made in all my life, because she looked at me closely for a couple of minutes at least, before saying "So you do not have anything to say, have you?"

"Nah, except for thanking you for making sure that I do not have to see your face for the rest of my college life"

I think a tear drop fell from her eye, and a tear drop fell from my eye too. But I caught neither because she turned and walked away, and I kept watching her until she went out of sight.


mohit said...

i havent read the earlier parts to the story...
bt nicely written buddy.. and is it Her??

srikanth said...

now.... this smells like a true fiction unlike your previous posts :P

Mohit | Sourcemorph said...

@ mohit.. nope dude, figment of imagination.

@ srikanth.. well maybe my writing has deteriorated, because it was fiction from the beginning :)

namrata said...

The story is catchin up n gettin sweeter 2 :P
the protagonist is so contemporary and his character is very well framed.......all thanks 2 d writer :)
as always lukin fwd 2 d next episode and plz dont make us wait much.

4ever a Gunner said...


ratpik said...

Hopefully the ending wouldn't be sad :)

Tor Hershman said...

Coolsville, Daddy-O.

Nishank said...

The wet comment and the touche....both were /\ ...laughed my ass off for like 2 mins....I shud say the best episode till date

Mohit said...

Yeah.. the touche was very Hank Mood-ish, even though I hadn't watched Californication when I wrote it.

Ankit Dua said...

"But I caught neither"
awesome phrase!!
very well written, but i liked the first two episodes more.